Screen sharing and giving an anonymous estimate


We got the following feedback from a user running a trial of Smart Guess:

Our scrum masters (who also vote) typically are sharing their screen to talk through the story, presenting attachments, etc. and when it comes to voting their vote is then shown via the screenshare. We had thought a workaround would be to have the scrum master have a second browser open on a monitor that isn't being shared and to vote there, but unfortunately all browsers for that user refresh, thereby showing the vote that was entered on the non-shared browser.

We went ahead and implemented this solution because we know there is a large number of users who need to vote anonymously while sharing their screen.

How does it work?

Here is how it works (each browser header color is a different user):


This solution is only a workaround we made available a few days after we got feedback from our users. A better solution will be made available at a later stage.

How will users know they can use this method?

To inform users about this solution, we added the following onboarding step: