Running your refinement meeting using Planning Poker by Smart Guess


Users who, in their reviews (read the reviews), say:

"After trying many estimation tools in Jira, we landed on Smart Guess.
It's the most efficient and the best ❤️ app we've used"

Have all realized that with Smart Guess, they stop wasting time on unnecessary things and get more done by running their refinement meetings like this:

1. Run your refinement like this

1. Prepare your backlog

In Jira

Before refinement:

  1. Make stories “Ready for planning” that will end up in your sprint.

  2. Order the stories in your backlog in line with story priority

During your refinement meeting

  1. Open your refinement meeting.

  2. Ask your team to open the backlog / first story you want to refine


2. Discuss the story, give an Estimate and Show

In Smart Guess

  1. Open the Jira issue panel (shown in a red box → )

    1. By selecting the first story in your backlog

  2. Discuss the story with your team

    1. Once you are ready to estimate

  3. Give a one-click Estimate

    1. Once everyone has given an estimate

  4. Show the estimates

    1. click “Show estimates.” button

3. Decide and save the story point value

In Smart Guess

  1. Discuss the high and low card values

  2. Re-estimate if needed

    1. click “Re-estimate”

  3. Save the story point estimate

    1. click “Set story points to X.”



4. Discuss the next story


When I (the team lead) open the next story during refinement

I want my team to open the same story I just opened

So that my team can easily

  • follow the story under discussion

  • see all the relevant info we have gathered



2. How do you share the next story up for discussion?

See how Smart Guess easily meets all your needs

In short, two steps:

  1. Open “Your settings”

  1. Select the “Sharing” option:

The “Sharing” option allows team leads to automatically share a link to the next story up for discussion:

  1. See the image to the right →

  2. Given certain conditions, learn more

3. So what - why is this important?

One-click Planning Poker run from the Jira backlog, compared to traditional tools, means:

  1. No setup

  2. No session is needed

  3. No stories to pick out for the session

  4. No extra screens to navigate to

  5. No inviting the team

  6. No session link-sharing

  7. No naming the planning session

  8. No complexity in saving the estimates

Just Intuitive, Lightweight, One-Click Planning Poker.

Try Smart Guess, and you will understand why users ❤️ running their refinement meetings using Smart Guess.

4. Why are teams moving from free Planning Poker tools to Smart Guess?