'Story point estimate' can't be updated - the field is missing from the issue view

Notice, this problem only exists for Team Managed projects.

Similar errors can occur when using Company manged projects and the solution is different. More information on this here:

Learn more about the differences between Team- and Company- managed projects in Jira.

This problem users solve on their own with support-built-in

By default ‘Team managed’ projects are set up so that the following fields are missing from the issue view:

  1. ‘Story point estimate’

  2. ‘T-short Estimate‘

When users try to save an estimate with these field ‘hidden’ the following error occurs:

{"errorText":"doPutAs Error invoking: {\"value_\":\"/rest/api/3/issue/TST-4\"} from Jira: 400 Bad Request Error Details: {\"errorMessages\":[],\"errors\": {\"customfield_10016\":\ "Field 'customfield_10016' cannot be set. It is not on the appropriate screen, or unknown.\"}} "}

There is a quick solution to this problem

The solution is built-in

The video below shows how you solve this problem on your own: