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By default ‘Company managed’ projects are setup set up so that the ‘Story points’ field needs to be associated with the relevant project screen screens so that the story point value can be updated using 3rd party add-ons.

What happens when using Smart Guess to estimate issues while missing a relevant screen association and that is the solution?


When users try to save an estimate when the screen association is missing the following error occurs:

{"errorText":"doPutAs Error invoking:{"value_":"/rest/api/3/issue/TEST-4"} from Jira: 400 Bad Request Error Details: {"errorMessages":[],"errors":{"customfield_10030":"Field 'customfield_10030' cannot be set. It is not on the appropriate screen, or unknown."}} "}

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There is a quick solution to this problem (wink)

The solution is built in

The video below shows how Smart Guess detects missing permissions and provides users with a short message and a direct link where users can update their settings to solve the problem on their own:



Step-by-step description:

Opening an issue where ‘Story Points’ screen association is missing

  1. Following warning indicator is shown next to the “Set Story Points” button

2. When clicked the following message is displayed “Story Points can’t be updated” as shown.

Note if the error text is different, then report an issue here.

Error text

{"errorText":"doPutAs Error invoking{\"value_\":\"/rest/api/3/issue/TEST-8\"} from Jira: 400 Bad Request {\"errorMessages\":[],\"errors\":{\"customfield_10030\":\"Field 'customfield_10030' cannot be set. It is not on the appropriate screen, or unknown.\"}} "}

Solving the problem

  1. By clicking the link “Fix field configuration” the following screen is opned

2. By clicking the ‘1 screens’ link in the table the following screen is opened

3. In this screen, as seen to the right, associate the ‘Story Points’ field to all relevant screens.

Notice the error will occur for all screens not associated with the field.

4. Once these settings have been saved, you can open the issue in Smart Guess and now no warning appears.

5. You can now save the “Story point” value without any problems.