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Required permissions

Why is it needed?

Exchange data with the following url:


Smart Guess Realtime Engine shares key user actions with team members taking part in the estimation when it happens.

This is critical so that all team members can see who has joined, who has given an estimate, etc.

The Realtime Engine doesn't process or store personal data, in line with the GDPR principle of ‘purpose limitation.’

Retrieving Retrieve images used by the Atlassian platform libraries through the following urls:

These permissions prevent the app from reloading when retrieving images from these sources.

Images Smart Guess is using Atlassian Libraries that retrieve images from these sources. They provide automatically generated avatar images when user-provided images are missing, issue type images among other thingsand so on.

View Jira issue data.

Allows Smart Guess to read the issue key to retrieve the current state of the planning session for the issue. Furthermore, retrieve the current story point value to show users if story points need saving.

View user profiles

It is used to identify who has joined the planning session and who has given an estimate and to retrieve the user's name and profile pictures displayed to other users.

Notice that Smart Guess does not store any personal data. Only retrieves it on demand, in line with the GDPR principle of 'data minimization.'

Create and manage issues.

Allows Smart Guess to:

  1. check if the story point field can be updated

  2. save the story point value selected

App storage scope

Allows Smart Guess to store the planning session's current state for the issue. In other words, what users have joined and their estimates.

Notice that Smart Guess does not store any personal data. Only retrieves it on demand, in line with the GDPR principle of data minimization.

Write Jira User Property

Used to track if the current user has already seen

  1. user onboarding messages

  2. new release messages

So that these messages are only displayed once for each user.

Write Jira Field

Used to keep the following information up to date:

  • Estimated by - who has estimated the issue

  • T-shirt estimate

Manage Jira Configuration

Allows users to save Story Point estimates without having to edit Jira configuration for every project your teams are using. Without this permission Jira Admins had to associate Story Point field to the appropriate screen for every project.